Hello world!

Alan Hansen in his famous quote stated “You will win nothing with kids” He was proved embarrassingly wrong when a bunch of kids at Man United went on to win the English Premiership.

I would like to proclaim that you can win everything with kids as the lessons learnt on the sports field with kids are lessons for life.

In my day job, I manage people and have done so for many years. I have an MBA, been a supervisor, manager and director in a variety of situations. I firmly believe that effective coaching is the key to unlocking performance.I have been learning behavioural science for the last 5 years and can see the benefits it produces in all areas (I think I will continue to learn this subject for the rest of my life!). In my leisure time, I also coach a youth football team and this is where my learning becomes real. My aim is to apply my understanding of behavioural science on the practice pitch and monitor the results. I will share the process and the results in this blog

So whether you have an interest in individual and/or team development or improving your own coaching skills, then join me in my belief that you need to learn first before you can become the teacher.


Hello world!

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