The Pursuit of More

Jim Collins wrote about the ‘undisciplined pursuit of more’ Many people are addicted to the drug of more. The pushers are the parents and coaches who quote the 10,000 hour rule but don’t really understand it. The kids are pushed into more homework, more sports, more tuition, more clubs and more training. The list goes on and on. All of this leads to the creation of busyness, fatigue, sleep deprivation and ultimately stress.

My own team won our league on Saturday. Great achievement and delighted for everyone involved with the club. Guess what, the ‘more’ people are already looking ahead to next season. More leagues, more cups, more wins! When the ‘more’ bubble bursts (and it always does) then how will we feel? It will be argued that we should be stretching our kids to achieve more. In some cases this may be correct but the environment must be set in the kids favour or the resultant stress will far outweigh any benefits.

The solution to all this is Do Less, but Better. Can we, in our coaching, do it less but better therefore allowing the players to learn and develop? Can we work together to get ‘real’ rather than ‘virtual’ development that the scoreboard offers. Can we do less Negative Reinforcement and Better Positive Reinforcement. Can we do less because they ‘have to’ and do it better because they ‘want to’

The pursuit of more is our choice. Personally I am aiming to do it Better.

The Pursuit of More

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