The Biggest Game In History

We are sitting in the dressing prior to the biggest game of our lives. This is THE cup final. Both teams have been years in the making. In fact the history of both teams goes back many generations and each side has developed in their own unique way. We know our opponents are strong and ruthless but we have done our homework. We have analysed their strengths and weaknesses. We know they have got to this point by having a team of ‘galactico’s’ A bunch of individuals who rely on lone rangers and hired guns put together as a team. They have a track record of stopping other teams playing while inducing fear across the leagues. Their ‘novel’ approach means our game will never be the same again. Our opponents go by the very strange name of Covid-19. The individual elements of this team have amplified and manifested themselves to come together to produce an irresistible force.

We, on the other hand, are a real team. A bunch of quiet, respectful, self-effacing lads who play for each other. Teamwork is the key to us getting to the biggest game ever. We have been developed in and by the local community. Our strength in pulling together in adversity is what breathes air into our lungs. We are at peace but we have spirit that will not be extinguished. Many years ago, we realised that the world we live in and the tales we were being told by the media and rulers were all about image, hype, spin and individualism. Separation was driving us apart (Covid-19 team was just an echo chamber for this society). Big ego’s were taking over. There was a ‘More for me, less for you attitude’ Our team wanted to do everything in their power to show that this was going down a dead end road. The signs were there if we looked for them but the biggest thing holding together the status quo was FEAR. This is the Fear of the Unknown which stops us moving to this new world. Consequently, a few of us got together and woke up to a better way. We realised we could build a team that would be stronger and could compete against the status quo and that is Team Comm-20.

As the world watches from every TV and online device, the teams are announced.

Team Covid-19                                                      Team Comm-20

Covid         V         Annotation 2020-04-27 135353

As we get ready to walk out into the tunnel, our game plan is simple but as in all great performances, how we implement it will determine our success and the outcome of the biggest game ever. A ‘New World’ Cup is the prize.

Please wish us luck and join in with your support. Community 2020 needs it.



The Biggest Game In History

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