Match Report – The Biggest Game In History

As the referee, Gaia, blew the whistle to start this era-defining match, we knew this would be no ordinary game of football.

Covid 19 started at a frantic pace and quickly took control of matters. Their strong arm tactics were marshalled by their two centre backs of Evil and Fear. These were not the kind of guys you messed with. They resembled a pairing of Norman ‘Bites yer legs’  Hunter and Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris. Intimidation and brutality were their calling cards. With control of the game and their possession stats growing exponentially then the Comm-20’s back four went into lockdown. The local punditry experts claiming that this action was taken too late and allowed Covid-19 to be even more lethal as an attacking force than they should have been allowed to be. The Comm’s defence was holding (but only just) as wave after wave of attack threatened their goal. Covid had the bit between it’s teeth and were not letting go. They were fast and strong and the Comm boys found it hard to even get within a couple of metres of them. They were virtually holding on as half time approached. The front players of Ego and Greed had come close a couple of times to overwhelming the Comm defence but lockdown was working and the curve was showing signs of flattening. Gaia blew his whistle for half time.

Half time was time to take stock. It was all Covid-19 in that first period and Comm-20 were in real danger of being obliterated. But the Comm boys are made of stronger stuff. We knew they had an inner strength. They had to harness it and be a ‘whole’ team. They had to bring the beautiful game to the pitch. Covid-19 have given them the wake up call they needed. It had made them realise all the suffering that was going on around them. They were attacking the very fabric of their society. Covid was shining a light on everything that is wrong with it. They are making us listen to what is going on in the world. The planet, the people, the society needs this spotlight and this team is on full beam.

If Comm-20 are to win this game then they must not let Fear rule them. No more attacks from Greed and Selfish to help feed the star striker of Ego. They had to stop the supply, they would have to nullify all these threats across the pitch.

The second half was a totally different affair. Comm-20 kicked off and immediately started attacking with Compassion, Joy and Inclusion spearheading the attack. They were recycling the ball well in the midfield as Regeneration, Co-operation and Sustainability caused problems with their movement and change of position. They had a real flow to their game as they seemed to act as one. This non-dual approach meant there was no separation, no them and us, just one being moving in perfect unison. One consciousness. It was truly a thing of beauty. We knew they had great respect for Gaia, and this was to prove crucial as the game moved towards the finale.

With two minutes to go and the world watching, the right back Peace unusually found himself on the left wing where he delivered a fantastic cross. Joy rose, as did the crowd as one. The header was a bullet. It was heading for the top corner, the keeper was beaten but at the last second  that raw defender Extraction came from nowhere and tipped it over illegally. A certain penalty. Gaia immediately pointed to the spot.

This would be the last kick of the game and it will decide the future of the biggest game in history. The tension was building as the designated penalty kick taker for Comm-20 was indeed their Goalkeeper. So as Love walked forward to take the kick, the only question left unanswered would be. Can Love overcome Covid-19 and send us all into a new world where Community is the source of our freedom?

Hold your breath and pray……………………………………………………………….

Match Report – The Biggest Game In History

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